The AeroPress is a single cup brewing method that can highlight some nuances in the coffee that can be missed in other brewing methods. It is extremely portable, making it a viable brew method whether you are near or far from your kitchen. Think camping trips, beach lounging, or even just on your porch for a beautiful morning. There are many ways to brew an AeroPress and the below guide is for the "upside down method."



Step 1: Heat the water

Have at least 500 grams of water between 200 and 205 degrees Fahrenheit on hand.



Step 2: Set up the aeropress

Place the AeroPress plunger, with rubber piston side up, on to a gram scale. Affix the brewing chamber securely around the rubber piston with about 1/4 to 1/2 inch of overlap, with the flared side up.



Step 3: Weigh the coffee

Weigh in 15 grams of freshly ground coffee. The consistency should be about what is used for drip coffee, it should be medium coarseness, approximately that of sand or table salt. If ground too fine, it may require excessive force to press down and may not be safe.




Step 4: Bloom the coffee

Slowly pour in about 125 grams of water at 200 – 205 degrees, evenly saturating the grounds. As the bloom develops, give it about 30 seconds.




Step 5: Set up the filter

This is the perfect time to load a paper AeroPress filter into the removable cap and rinse with a bit of the hot water.




Step 6: Stir the coffee

Stir the bloomed coffee several times. The gasses will escape and the volume in the chamber will reduce.




Step 7: Finish adding the water

Next, add another 125 grams of water and the volume will now be fairly close to the top of the chamber. Affix the black plastic cap with the paper filter and make sure it’s secure. Allow to brew from 1 minute up to 3 minutes. This number will be unique for different coffees.




Step 8: Press down on the plunger

Turn the AeroPress over onto a deI canting vessel or cup and then very carefully and gently press down the plunger. If it presses fairly easy, the grind was too coarse. If it takes a great deal of pressure, then the grind was too fine. Getting the best results will take some fine tuning (and a lot of delicious coffee tasting), but with time and a bit of patience, this method will create an unbeatable cup of coffee at home.