A shot of espresso made expressly for an individual started over 100 years ago and has greatly evolved in its parameters since the late1800's. The exacting framework that most current espresso machines are geared to can create a multitude of different beverages. Though it can be finicky,mastering espresso is a continuous process that seems to gain a new theory on how best to brew it every day. The most important thing one can do while fine-tuning espresso shots is to trust their own palate.



Step 1: Prepare

Make sure the espresso machine is fully heated and on as long as possible before brewing.



Step 2: Grind

Fresh grind only the coffee that is needed, about 18 grams



Step 3: Load

Load the coffee from the grinder into the portafilter’s brew basket, and level the mound of coffee grounds by gently tapping against the side of the portafilter with your hand.




Step 4: Tamp

Secure the portafilter against a flat counter, and with a tamper, press down firmly, being mindful to have a perfectly level pack.




Step 5: Preheat

Preheat the espresso brewing group by activating the brew switch on for a couple seconds, then off, and then quickly load the portafilter into the group, securing it until quite snug.




Step 6: Activate

Activate the pump once again. The rate of pour should be between 20 - 25 seconds to achieve the 1.5 to 2.0 ounces in to a porcelain espresso cup.


Step 7: Enjoy